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Earn FREE food, beverages, and merchandise with the Red Rewards Card

Circle K Rewards is a rewards program designed for loyal customers like you. Now, every single purchase you make at participating Circle K stores will earn you points that can be redeemed for great rewards such as FREE FOOD, GIFT CARDS AND MUCH MORE.

How do I earn points with the Red Rewards Card?

For every dollar you spend inside our store and for every gallon of fuel you purchase, you will receive one Circle K point.* With a swipe of your Circle K card, your points will be automatically added to your account. Simply collect these points and redeem them for FREE merchandise when you’re ready. It’s just that easy!

What can I redeem with Circle K points?

  • 50 Points: 16.9oz Circle K Water
  • 55 Points: Fountain Pop
  • 65 Points: Cup of Coffee
  • 70 Points: Old Dutch 99¢ Bag
  • 75 Points: Fresh Bakery Item
  • 85 Points: Roller Grill Item
  • 100 Points: Any 20oz Bottle of Pop
  • 100 Points: Any King Size Candy
  • 150 Points: 16oz Monster or 12oz Red Bull
  • 350 Points: $5.00 off Gas Purchase
  • 400 Points: Gallon of Schroeder Milk
  • 675 Points: $10.00 off Gas Purchase
  • 700 Points: Any Car Wash
  • 900 Points: $15.00 off Gas Purchase
  • 1000 Points: Propane Exchange
  • 1250 Points: $25 Gas Gift Card
  • 10,000 Points: $400 Target Gift Card

What are the other benefits to using  the Red Rewards Card?

As a Circle K cardholder you will also be eligible to save money on daily, weekly and monthly specials throughout our store. So not only will you earn points for FREE merchandise, you’ll also be able to save money on other

As a Red Rewards Card member, you’re also Frequent Purchase Clubs:

  • Buy 6 get the 7th Free! Donut Club
  • Buy 6 get the 7th Free! Circle K 16.9oz water
  • Buy 6 get the 7th Free! Our Best Car Wash
  • Buy 6 get the 7th Free! Roller Grill Items, Hot Sandwiches, Pizza Slices
  • Buy 6 get the 7th Free! Any Coffee, Iced Coffee, Polar Pop, Froster, Cappuccino, or Brewed Tea
  • Buy 10 get $2.00 off the 11th! Any Milk Gallon
  • Buy 10 get the 11th Free! Any 20oz Bottle of Soda
  • Buy 10 get the 11th Free! 16oz Monster or 12oz Red Bull
  • Buy 10 get the 11th Free! Old Dutch or Frito Lay $1.69 chips
  • Buy 10 get the 11th Free! Any King Size Candy Bar

More special deals with your Red Rewards Card:

  • EVERY SUNDAY: 3¢ off Each Gallon of Fuel (20 Gallon Max)
  • Buy One REGULAR SIZE CANDY, Get One Free!
  • $2 OFF Our Best Car Wash
  • FREE FROSTER FRIDAYS! (Free with any purchase)

Enroll at any Circle K location, then use the sign up form below!

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For more details, download the Red Rewards Card brochure (PDF). Gold Payment Card and Red Rewards card may not be used together.

*Points will not be awarded or redeemed for lottery tickets, phone cards or money orders. No points will be earned for gift card purchases.